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Performing arts in the Nyaanyatijarra Region Artback, artists Zoe and Vafa Ferdowsian

  1. What is community cultural development?

Community cultural development is a community-based arts practice — it is not an artform — that involves the collaboration of professional artists and communities to create art.

CCD practice is characterised by community involvement at every level: in the management of the project; in development of the creative ideas; and in the creation of the art work. It is a collaborative process where the community and artists are equal contributors.

If a project is genuinely for and from the community it will involve aspects of that community's cultural life and will have community development as well as artistic outcomes. A project can be empowering for communities by solving problems and addressing issues through arts practice.

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  2. Whats a community cultural development process?

Network News edition 2, 1999 (Ethics edition)

Dee Martin Network News QCAN.

(from Australia Council (OzCo) project funding guidelines)

There are many variations of a community-based process, and as such, there is no one correct model.

The community or artist applying needs to decide on the most appropriate community cultural development process for their project and then must argue its case in the application.

The Australia Council only funds those activities which meet the criteria of their grants categories. The categories target those projects with high levels of community participation in the development and creation of an artwork.

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  3. What is a project?

Henley Summer Sundays Community Festival SA image. Artists: Tony Hannon, Bridgette Minuzzo and Sandy Elverd

Henley Summer Sundays Festival.

(from Australia Council (OzCo) project funding guidelines)

A project is a discrete activity with a beginning and an end. It may be 6 weeks or more than 12 months in length. It should be clear what the outcome of the project will be when it is completed. This could be a performance, an exhibition, a publication, a website, or even just the development of skills, contacts or ideas for a community that will lead to future activity.

The CCDF will not support applications for an ongoing activity (e.g., art classes).

Projects may be multi-faceted, or in a number of stages over a period of time, so long as the one main purpose is clear (e.g., a series of developmental activities/small projects over a long time with one overarching purpose).

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