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Image of a live Internet performance with projections on a screen

Image of a live Internet performance
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The term was first introduced in Australia by the Australia Council for the Arts and grew out of a practice of community art.

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Articles download below

Artwork 50
Graham Pitts and David Watt trace the evolution from 'community arts' to 'community cultural development'.

Artwork 57
Sally Clifford and Jo Kaspari retrospectively report on the development of the Arts and Health sector in Australia since 1997.

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Interactive Multimedia document   art57_6years_arts_health.pdf   90 Kb

  Recollections forum

So you thought was going to provide the definitive history of ccd in Australia? Too's up to you.

Go to the forum below and get cracking. Any tidbit or historical anecdote will do...look forward to seeing as many different perspectives as there are people working in the field.

Recollections of the development of ccd can be pre-1960, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s or 1990s.

Test forum below to add some context for each of the eras.

Note that you'll have to be logged in to add to the discussion.

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  ccd recollections
Piece together the history and stories of community based arts practice and community cultural development.
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  1980´s Penny 2004/04/09
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  1980's TRICIA 2002/12/09
  1990s Riccardo 2002/07/24
  Re: 1990s 2002/09/19
  1980s Riccardo 2002/07/24
  1970s Riccardo 2002/07/24
  1960s Riccardo 2002/07/24
  pre-1960 Riccardo 2002/07/24
  Get Started Riccardo 2002/07/24

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Community Arts Network (USA): The Reading Room
The Community Arts Network promotes information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based arts, that is, art made as a voice and a force within a specific community of place, spirit or tradition.

Shaun Kirby gives an understanding of the early development of the community arts movement in Australia in her chapter 'An Historical Perspective on the Community Arts Movement' in Binns (ed) Community and the Arts p.19-29

Gay Hawkins in From Nimbin To Mardi Gras has described the emergence and growth of the Community Arts Program in the Australia Council.

The evolution of the artsworker

Artist as agitator: early 1930's
Art is a weapon. The artist's role is to agitate for rights on behalf of the working class and bring about change.

Artist as cultural envoy
Culture was something to strive for. The artist role was one of a Cultural Ambassador – making it possible for ‘ordinary' people to participate in (read consume) Arts.

Artist as crusader
The artist was brought in to help communities to uncover their unique specialness and represent themselves.

Artist within
The artist as an expert was losing favour. Art became something that you produced, rather than consumed.

Artist as collaborator: early 1980's
The artist came back as a collaborator. Artists and communities of people began to work together and the community arts movement found a voice for itself as a legitimate practice, accountable to the communities themselves.

Artist as cultural worker: 1987
The artist took a place as a cultural worker, working for development and self-determination in cultural contexts with community.

Artist as an agent of change: present day
Perhaps the artist's role can be seen in contemporary practice as the agent of change – working with communities towards intra-identified change, using practices that are relevant, collaboratively producing art that is authentic, and making inroads to sustainable outcomes that can transform communities.

ArtSAAustralia Council


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