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Broadly Speaking..

  What is ccd?

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There are many faces to ccd, and how you define it depends on who you are, what you are doing and why. A simple definition could be that ccd is conscious practice towards change, with community, through culture. Practices may develop organically or they may be deliberately constructed.

Community cultural development can be characterised as having three three basic elements:

  • a community or communities;
  • artists or artsworkers working in collaboration with a community or communities; and
  • a number of outcomes, from the artistic and creative through to educational, economic, social or community development outcomes.

Ccd practitioners and professionals working in the field are always discussing what it is, how to evaluate it, and how it links with other practices. Are there underlying principles that can be agreed on? Is it important to agree? Or is it equally valid to just keep talking?
Check out the Australia Council response to 'What is ccd?' below.

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  Contents - what is ccd?

Theory of ccd>>

Cultural democracy
Collaborative art and cultural production
Social justice

Ccd processes>>

Projects & Programs
Funding and resourcing
Sustainable practice

History of ccd in Australia>>

guest writers papers
guest writers papers
guest writers papers

Cultural Identity>>

Indigenous cultures
Cross-cultural exchange
International partnerships

Activism and politics>>

Cultural action
Advocacy and policy development

Arts health and wellbeing>>

Community wellbeing
Social inclusion
Disability and access

Artists in community>>

Public artwork
Artists in residence
Arts in education


Meeting places
Cultural planning
Local government
Regional arts and cultures

Also see:
ccd Lingo
ccd processes
ccd theory

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