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  Latest news fom Ozco

There have been significant changes in the Council's position regarding the proposed restructure, especially in regard to ccd.

Revised models describing the proposed Community Partnerships and Inter-arts sections of the Australia Council are now available.

The models can be downloaded from

The models have been revised after valuable feedback received to date,including workshops held with arts sector leaders, and following the meeting of the Council's governing body on March 11.

Australia Council are inviting feedback on these models during the Future Planning consultation period, which runs until Thursday 31 March 2005.

Please send feedback to

Below is a report from the meeting held on March 11th from Graham Pitts who attended this meeting.

See below for links to more information about the restructure on including the NATIONAL ARTS AND CULTURE ALLIANCE.

Get Acrobat Reader FREEPDF document   Meeting_March11.pdf   26 Kb Acrobat PDF

Interactive Multimedia document   Report on meeting with Austral   26 Kb

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How to Get Active!


On Tues 7th December 2004 the Australia Council was presented with recommendations from 'A Future Planning Task Force' formed by Council.

Amongst the recommendations accepted by the Council were proposals that the Community Cultural Development Board and New Media Arts be disbanded , that the grants program of the CCDB be apportioned out to other artform Boards. The remaining activities of the CCDB are to be placed as 'Community Partnerships' under the Audience and Marketing Development Division guided by a committee appointed by the Australia Council.

This decision has enormous impacts on the community cultural development sector! has set up this section to report on strategies and activity and provide forums, give information and set up links to places where you can go to express you views, and have your say and get active!

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  How to Get Active!

Get Active!

This section offers further information about what you can do to respond and what acticity is happening in each state. There are links to National, State and community organisations as well as suggestions of who you can contact to express your views.

To view or participate in the CCDB Disbanded Online Forum Go to the All Talk Current Forums Section via the links below or Click here

If online forums aren't your thing, don't despair, there are other places to go. Visit this page to find out how you can get active in various different ways.

Form letters have also been submitted to for you to down load and send off.

If you wish to express your views to on the Australia Council 'restructure' - a good place to start is by writing letters to the following people at the following addresses. If they receive thousands of these it WILL have an effect. Please edit and change the example letter attached and below as you see fit, add your name and print it out and post or email it.To An attachement of a form letter is below. Please edit and change the example letter attached and below as you see fit, add your name and print it out and post or email it.

Thanks to Richard Bladel , Kickstart Arts, Tasmania for the form letter and inspiration.

Post letters to:

The Hon. Helen Coonan,
Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts


Electorate Office:
Level 7, Angel Place
123 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

GPO Box 3513
Sydney NSW 2001
Tel: (02) 9223 4388
Fax: (02) 9223 4399

David Gonski AO
Australia Council
PO Box 788
Strawberry Hills
NSW 2012

Terrey Arcus
Deputy Chairman
Australia Council
PO Box 788
Strawberry Hills
NSW 2012

Jennifer Bott
Chief Executive Officer
Australia Council
PO Box 788
Strawberry Hills
NSW 2012

Kim Carr
Shadow Arts Minister
Electorate Office:
62 Lygon St

Ph: 03 9639 2798 Fax: 03 9639 3109

Canberra Office:
Parliament house

Ph: 02 6277 3730 Fax: 02 6277 5911
Toll Free Number: 1800 673 169


Get Acrobat Reader FREEPDF document   Form letter.doc   21 Kb Acrobat PDF

Also see:
How to Get Active!
Current Forums
How to Get Active!

  Memorandum from the CCDB - 22 DEC 2004

To: Community Cultural Development Field

From: Community Cultural Development Board

Date: 22 December 2004
Re: Dissolution of the Community Cultural Development Board

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you already know, the Australia Council recently announced a restructure of the organisation. The dissolution of the Community Cultural Development Board (CCD Board) is one of the major changes planned for 2005.

The CCD Board has requested a meeting with Jennifer Bott, CEO and David Gonski, Chairman of the Australia Council and the other members of the Taskforce who developed the proposed plan. In this meeting we aim to seek information regarding the rationale for the proposed abolition of the CCD Board, further details on the proposed new structure and an assurance of continued support specifically for community cultural development practice in Australia.

The announcement was unexpected and the CCD Board understands that communities, artists and organisations planning for activities in 2005 are now in a precarious position. The CCD Board will issue another memo to report on the outcomes of this meeting in January 2005 but in the meantime, we encourage you to keep in regular contact with the Australia Council.

On behalf of the Community Cultural Development Board thank you to you all for your ongoing support.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2005.

Chris Tassell, Chair
Community Cultural Development Board

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Also see:
Media 2005...

  What has happened so far?

Want to get the bigger picture?

Check out the archived articles from the media , press releases by various different groups, organisations and communities.

Click here to check out a list of articles and press releases.

To contribute your own information to this page simply email on the page below

Also, see Current forums for the discussions taking place on the CCDB DISBANDED Online Forum.


An open forum to discuss the Australia Council for the Arts¹ recent
announcement of a major restructure, including the abolition of both
the Community Cultural Development Board and the New Media Arts Board.

When: MONDAY JANUARY 24, 2005
Where: Paddington RSL, 220-232 Oxford Street, (Opposite Paddington
Town Hall), Sydney
Time: 6pm 8pm
Admission: FREE

In December 2004 the Australia Council announced it¹s intention to
disband the New Media Arts Board and the Community Cultural
Development Board. This meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss
the proposed changes with representatives of the Australia Council and
to call for immediate and ongoing consultation with the new media arts
sector. It will primarily focus
on new media arts with members of the CCDB and broader arts community
welcome to attend and provide input.

Speakers include:

  • Jennifer Bott, CEO, Australia Council for the Arts
  • Andrew Donovan, Manager, New Media Arts Board and Acting Executive

Director of Arts Development

  • Keith Gallasch, Editor, Realtime
  • Anna Munster, Artist and Senior Lecturer, School of Art History and

Theory, COFA

  • Julianne Pierce, Executive Director, Australian Network for Art and


  • Lynnette Wallworth, Artist and New Media Arts Board Fellow 2004/05

This meeting has been convened by dLux Media Arts and ANAT in
association with Realtime, Performance Space, Experimenta, BEAP and

For further details visit' or contact:
David Cranswick, dlux Media Arts, Sydney, (02) 9380 4255 ,

Julianne Pierce, ANAT, Adelaide, (08) 8113

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