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  aaa Lets Talk!!

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  Ozco Roadshow
The Australia Council for the Arts recently approved changes to its structures and processes to meet the growing challenges of the arts in Australia. Australia Council senior staff members have travelled to all capital cities in Australia and Cairns during May to outline how the reorganisation will develop and support Australian arts. The forum has been established to discuss what happened at these meetings.
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  Archive 2002

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  Artwork 52 (Technology: Tools for CCD?)
Artwork Magazine - the national publication for community cultural development in Australia. Issue 52 explores if technologies such as digital technology and older mass communications media are effective tools for ccd workers.
12 10 29482 open
  Artwork 53 - Editorial Committee
5 2 1 restricted
  Colliding Worlds
Project aims to give the young people involved an outlet for their expression and access to opportunities.
Project details>>
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  Community Dance Forum
The first open forum on offered an opportunities for discussion and reflection about community dance with people across fields. Moderated by Celina McEwen, Centre for Popular Education.
98 39 320345 open
  Cultural Planning
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  Dance in the Landscape
Welcome to the Dance in the Landscape Online Forum facilitated by Your forum moderator is Julie Chenery. Please contact your forum moderator should you need assistance with the topic of discussion.
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  Issue 54 Editorial Committee Discussion
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  Launch discussion
Restricted discussion forum for students of the Arts Administration Traineeship
53 11 2 restricted
  Members test
11 4 4 restricted
  Ozco Funding Changes 2002
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  Sculpture by the Creek
Support for the development of practice in innovative, creative and participatory approaches to the design and management of physical environment as a key strategy for Council to improve community mental health.
Project details>>
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  Stobie Pole Mosaics
Community project creating telegraph pole mosaics with the residents of the community in Largs Bay, SA.
Project details>>
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  Technology : Tools for CCD? (Issue 52)
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  Archive 2003

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  Artwork 2003 Editorial Committee Discussion
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  Artwork 53 (Cries and Whispers: The Many Voices of CCD)
Test Only for Artwork Magazine 53 Online forum
9 9 26188 open
  Grad Dip Tutorial 2003
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  Graduate Diploma 2003 Intake
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DIVERSE - A Contemporary Arts and Community Cultural Development Project
The Bundaberg Art Centre Residency Program
Artist in residence Ross Barber

Project details>>
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  International Theatre and Development Forum
26 15 79412 open
  Mental Health and the Arts
The Mental Health Community which involves sufferers and carers of the Mentally ill work together and promise to be a good bunch of creators.
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  National Training
4 2 0 restricted
  Synergy - a discussion.
15 6 41698 open
  The Art of Dissent Forum
32 23 0 restricted
  The Brewarrina Circus Project
Young people's circus program in remote NSW.
Project details>>
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  Archive 2004

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  21 Days Journal Project South Australia
A project for women living on the Le Fevre Peninsula, SA. 30 women kept journals for 21 days, then worked with the journals to create a performance.
Project details>>
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  Archive 2004
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  Artwork 57 - Arts Health and Wellbeing - Dec 2003
Artwork 57 explores the work being undertaken in the areas of Arts, Health and Wellbeing. Articles expore the differences in methodologies, experience, location and art forms which illustrate the depth and breadth of the practice.
5 4 16257 open
  Beyond The Factory Walls
'I really feel that I am a worker, and a worker that feels there is no freedom to express my opinion, my aspirations….but with this theatre…I feel that I really can become who I really am; ….we live and that is political. In fact we don' t just live, we can be political too.' - Susi 23 TBI factory worker Jakarta, Indonesia 2001.
Project details>>
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  Denmark Festival of Voice
The Denmark Festival of Voice is a celebration of the amazing instrument we call the Human Voice. The festival events revolve around arts in which the voice is the primary and dominant focus.
Project details>>
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  EYESCREAM Halloween Short Film Festival 2004

Call for entries for the 2004 competition. For details, check out, or email us at
Project details>>

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  Issue 54 - Regional Perspectives - Defining, Exploring and Creating
How does CCD help to bridge the gaps between culture, communities and geographical isolation? How involved are regional communities?
13 11 37779 open
  Issue 55 - Ways of Seeing - Local Government, Culture and Planning
Exploration of the relationship between local government and the development of local cultures.
20 13 63682 open
  Issue 56 - The Wide World of Community Cultural Development
This issue of Artwork took readers on a world wide tour of ccd and international community arts based practise. Share your own international experiences, or have a chat with the writers to further explore the issues raised in this edition.
5 4 15605 open
  Open Arms Dance Company - On Line Resource Base
Official site of Open Arms Dance Company and the Open Arms Network, linking to Cultural, Educational, Entrepreneurial, Health and Social Development projects worldwide.
Project details>>
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  Passing the Buck
Community theatre project investigating the myths, magic and misery of gambling and its place and consequences in contemporary Australian society. Culminates in a performance season after a series of skills workshops in writing, performance and community arts management. Will highlight the local community of Adelaide's inner western suburbs
Project details>>
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  Artwork Magazine

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  Artwork 58 - Telling the Stories- May 2004
"Telling the Stories" plays and integral part with ccd. This edition explores stories, oral tradition, letter to home and more. Tell your story or comment on this edition ... go on
0 0 1770 open
  Artwork 59 - Evaluation and CCD - Sept 2004
In Artwork Edition 59 we discuss the purpose and benefits of evaluating ccd activities, explore the range of evaluation practice taking place in the field. Comments, questions and thoughts? Enter here
0 0 1711 open
  Artwork 60 - CCD and Young People - Dec 2004
CCD and Young People aimed to produce an edition of ARTWORK that presents a snapshot of theory and practice in Australia in 2004, from a community cultural development perspective. The editions presents current thinking and findings on the importance of participation in artistic practice for young people, particularly in the transition between childhood and adulthood. Enter here to comment and discuss this edition of Artwork Magazine
4 4 13280 open

6 projects

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  MUBALI - Moree Young Mothers Project
Mubali aims to strengthen the resilience of Aboriginal young women in the categories of esteem, parenting, competence, peer education and connection to community.
Project details>>
0 0 6 members
  Owning Our Lot
Owning Our Lot (OOL) is a Shire-wide multi art form community and educational event with cultural, social, political and historic relevance to the Macedon Ranges community. This project incorporates the arts as a vehicle for community strengthening, capacity building and developing cultural awareness regarding difficult social issues significant to the community.
Owning Our Lot is comprised of seven specific arts events that utilise different art forms. Each event or installation involves a local arts practitioner working with a specific town community of the Shire. The practitioners will workshop with members of the community over several weeks prior to staging a one day event. These workshops will be devised around the concept of identity and sense of place and include pertinent research on local indigenous / settler interaction. The culmination of the workshops will be presented in a public presentation/event held in seven townships across the Shire, thereby creating a ‘progressive' arts experience. The finale celebration will be held at West Rock Farm with Indigenous musicians Kev Carmody, Richard Frankland and Monica Weightman.

Project details>>
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  SoundBase, music production/sound engineering workshops
Soundbase is a project is helping young offenders by using the power of music.
Project details>>
1 1 2956 open
  Wanted: Dancer/Choreographers
Five dancer/choreographers needed for new dance collective to produce artistically open, mixed program performances. Training does not have to be in dance but could be in a related practice. Fortnightly rehearsals.
Project details>>
1 1 14 members


  Education and Training

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  Trainees, come in and have a chat!
Informal closed discussion forum for Arts Administration trainees @ CAN SA
192 29 20 restricted


  Professional Development

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  Regional Arts NSW Communications & Promotions Network
A place for Regional Arts NSW Project Officers to share ideas about communications and promotions across the state.
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