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  Responses to don`t give up your day job report
This forum provides ccd artsworkers with the chance to respond to the Australia Council publication, Dont Give Up Your Day Job and economic study of professional artists in Australia.
Author Posted
  Formal Response to the Report Scott 2004/06/28
  Funding cuts Carmen 2004/06/28
  Re: Funding cuts Scott 2004/06/28
  artist response Scott 2004/06/28
  artist response Scott 2004/06/28
  Re: artist response Fitzy 2004/06/28
  Re: Funding cuts Fitzy 2004/06/28
  Re: artist response Rocky 2004/10/26
  Methodology Scott 2004/02/16
  Re: Methodology Carmen 2004/02/23
  Re: Methodology Carmen 2004/03/04
  Re: Methodology Fitzy 2004/03/08
  Some Notes Scott 2003/11/17
  worrying Carmen 2003/11/17
  Re: more Notes Scott 2003/11/17
  Re: more Notes Carmen 2003/11/17
  Re: Some Notes Robin 2003/11/21
  Rich economy, Poor Artists Fitzy 2003/11/24
  Re: Rich economy, Poor Artists Scott 2003/11/26
  Re: Rich economy, Poor Artists Scott 2003/11/26
  Re:Free trade article Scott 2003/12/15
  Re: Free trade article Fitzy 2003/12/23
  Welcome The Administrator 2003/11/17

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