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  Thread:   A definition for ccd?
  Date Posted: 2002-05-03 09:51:03
Author: Riccardo

The meaning of the very name of this sector is the most frequently sought definition by newcomers to the field. Ccd is not an artform, but an arts practice. That means it is not about artwork so much as ways of doing any form of artwork.

It may be useful to think of the phrase as a description rather than as a name. Ccd activities can incorporate a range of practices and methodologies which are often developed specifically for each project. This includes using the latest new media or exploring the traditional cultural activities of people from any background.

Unlike other forms of enjoying the arts, ccd provides communities with the chance to express themselves, and to create and manage the projects in which they participate.

Activities tend to be identified as ccd if they feature at least some of the following aspects:

* community members and artists/artworkers working together with the community members being active participants in cultural activities, rather than passive audience members, and the artists/artworkers providing their expertise through facilitating the cultural activities which the community wants to undertake;

* community culture being expressed, explored, interpreted, presented or developed;

* community members gaining new skills and being exposed to new challenges; and
social and developmental changes taking place alongside artistic outcomes - i.e. something changes through the exposure of ideas, issues and community members to arts and cultural activities. Examples of these changes might be the addressing of community issues, the development of new skills, increased communication and networking, or self-representation of the community to themselves and to others.

Want to agree, comment, elaborate, qualify, dispute or debate? Just enter your comments via the reply to this thread box below.

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