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  Thread:   A National Resource?
  Date Posted: 2002-11-01 10:27:19

I've been thinking about this more, and it seems to me that the CCDF have spent quite a lot of money and effort on fostering what they cryptically call 'critical debate' over the last few years since the Dare thing -
1) the papers which were published in Artwork 50
2) this site
3) the art of dissent Conference in Melbourne

All without much of a response from ccd practitioners in general. Are they barking up the wrong tree, or is the field simply too shy or nervous to engage in public debate about our practice?

I've never seen any kind of response to the papers in Artwork 50.

Anyone at the conference with a dissenting view was (at best) ignored or (at worst) verbally abused. The intention was to have open discussion between the panels and the audience, but this really didn't happen. And there is no opportunity to read the papers and respond to them in this site. If this is a National Resource funded by the CCDB then at the very least it needs to feature things from other National CCDB funded activities.

Debate which was supposedly started at the Melbourne conference could continue on this site, and those who did not attend could read some of the papers and join in.

As for this site, it seems to be just a framework, and an appropriate one to begin with. It could be as good as the community builders site - no it could be better, because it will be specific for ccd and community artists.

I was excited when I heard about the site because it meant there was something specifically for me - an Australian community artist - on the internet. but until we are posting discussions, resources and the other National activities are integrated with the site, then it will be an empty framework. there still won't be anything specifically for me on the internet.

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