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  Thread:   Re: All Talk and No Action - again!
  Date Posted: 2002-12-16 11:19:13
Author: Melanie


In my opinion, is a good resource and a good tool for promoting ccd activity.

I find it very easy to use, especially so far as projects are concerned. In the interests of clarity and ease of searching, I think the database format that you complain of is necessary (how else would you have projects listed?)

I disagree with you that "Registration and moderation are barriers to active participation" - Carmen's point about the flood of advertising is well-made and, I would have thought, pretty obvious. "[Registration and moderation] sends a clear message to potential participants that they are neither trusted nor valued and implicitly their contributions are not really wanted" - I don't agree with this either; if anything, I think it implies that discussions slated for various fora are valid and important, and while everyone is welcome to state their view, they should take on the responsibility of 'naming' themselves, of standing up for their opinions.

Are you passionate about promoting CCD activities, or about making your sometimes-unconstructive criticisms heard? If you are concerned about a possible waste of funds through lack of use of the site, then why not do your own bit to promote, instead of carping about a few perceived shortcomings (which are surely going to be inevitable anyway)?

I think CANSA have created a viable website and a useful tool. People are obviously using it (look at this discussion!).


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