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  Thread:   2003 Plans
  Date Posted: 2002-12-17 10:00:21
Author: Mark

Australia Council CCDB and ArtsSA provided support for CAN SA to build the online ‘infrastructure’ in 2002. Other organisations provided in-kind support to the development of the site.

The Australia Council CCDB has offered maintenance and development support for online and offline activities during 2003.

The second stage is primarily about working with the sector to develop engaging content, responding to the needs of members and building alliances and ownership.

2003 initiatives and strategies include:

* Appointment of a part time project officer for administration & member liaison, co-ordination of content development and marketing

* Content development - commissioning content writing, text e-zine, other media

* Consultation with State and Territory and regional practitioners/ artsworkers/ ccd organisations to build alliances and optimum ways of utilising

* Production enhancements - fixing usability issues, improved in-page design & layout (especially forums), some improvements to functionality

* accessibility compliance - to w3c standards in collaboration with DADAA (national peak disability arts organisation)

* community-based web pilot using open source methodologies

* ccd historical research and documentation

* preparation of business case for future sponsorship

* hosting, communications, administration, project management

The steering committee consists of representatives from Australia Council, 3 state CANs, CCDB fellowship recipient (online communities research) and a web communications specialist.

The steering committee welcomes feedback and opportunities to make work for the ccd sector in all its forms. Face-to-face meetings and workshops will take place in each state and territory and selected regional centres, in conjunction with material and forums posted on itself.

Expressions of interest to provide content, list projects or organisations, participate in consultations or just provide suggestions can be forwarded to or telephone 08 8231 0977, particularly from January 6 onwards.

Comments or suggestions on this thread are welcome too.

Project consultant

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