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  Thread:   Re: A definition for ccd?
  Date Posted: 2003-02-03 14:34:57

I see what people are trying to do here, but I'm not convinced it will work.

Definitions are all about excluding things, so as to narrow your meaning to something precice. In trying to make the Idea of CCD really inclusive, you end up with something that either isn't a definition, or something which excludes people and work that you don't want to exclude. Then again, wasn't CCD coined in order to exclude certain parts of what was known as Community Arts?

The funding bodies all say it must include a professional artsworker, but I think that might be more to do with their breifs and a need to fund artists than it has to do with what ccd is. Can a non-arts youth worker and a buch of teenagers do ccd? I think so.

Is it art? Is it Culture? What does development mean? All of things are important issues if you are trying to come up with a definition, but maybe it doesn't help in the end.

Can anyone make a two or three sentence statement about what it is, from which any casual reader would understand what it isn't? I have my doubts.

I'll have a go...
"CCD is a process through which communities develop their cultural lives via engaging in arts activity in a way that they are involved in decision making, creation and realisation of artistic and cultural products in any form of the arts" fails, however, to avoid falling into the traps I pointed out
great - but what does process mean? What type of involvement/development/arts activity etc.

I don't think you can easily develop a digestable and succint answer to the question "what is ccd?"

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