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  Thread:   1980´s
  Date Posted: 2004-04-09 04:30:25
Author: Penny

The highlight of the 1980´s for me were the five consecutive National Community Theatre Conferences from 1983 to 1987. For the first time I felt connected with my peers across the nation and was able to see their work, often in situ, and there was open and often heated debate about political, philosophical, aesthetic and survival issues related to our work, as it should be in a movement that wants to grow and learn from each others experiences. These were crucial events for me in my development as a community theatre worker. The last conference was held in Brisbane in 1987 and was organised by the Qld Community Theatre Committee with the overriding theme of "feminism" setting the agenda both for the content of the Conference, and the structure and process of its organisation. My recollection is that it achieved a large number of its aims and was an enriching and highly inclusive event...anyone else remember these Conferences?

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