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Member news & events is the lifeblood of news!

The following are some guidelines & information to make member news informative and helpful in using the publishing form:

1. You will need to be registered as a member to publish news articles, although anyone can read postings

2. Other members (not casual site visitors) will be able to contact you via email (or the nominated contact person) for more information about your news item

3. Keep your article title as brief yet informative as possible to attract visitors and members to read your entry

4. You can choose to make your news viewable to everyone who visits the site (your email address will not be displayed to the public) or you may wish to make your news item viewable by members only. The default is for everyone (see image above). Fellow members will be able to contact you via the email address you provide.

5. You set the starting and ending date for the news item to appear, which can be in advance. Note that the maximum time that the news article will appear is one month to keep news current

6. A picture is worth a thousand words! You can create an image in your favourite image editor into a web-friendly format (.jpg or .gif) and upload from your local drive to the site.
Note that the maximum dimension is 400 pixels wide and file size is 100k

7. Add another page. You can also include a PDF file in your news item for more information. Maximum file size is 500k.

8. 500 characters not enough room? Add a link to an external web page where you can put as much detail and functions for your event or news item as you like

9. Syndicate your news? You can distribute your ccd news more widely by checking this box. See shared news page for details.

10. Check out the legal stuff (member terms & conditions) on the site.
It basically says you own your own words & that minders will only intervene if something is posted that is really inappropriate

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