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Shared news

The project team are currently exploring ways to share news and other content with ccd partners.

Member news, projects and the ccd organisation directory are available to be displayed on partner websites in a form most relevant to their site visitors.

For example, CAN SA may wish to display member news relevant to South Australia, or CCDNSW may display ccd projects from New South Wales. members can give permission to allow their news, project or organisation details to be displayed on partner websites listed below.

Syndicate news

Benefits to member publishers are wider exposure of their news item, and to a more targeted audience.

Benefits to ccd partners include dynamic content for their site without the usual maintenance overhead, and access to free publishing tools that can display news in multiple locations, including their own site .

Go to the DIY shared news page for technical instructions on how to add information to your site.

  What is RSS?

RSS is a protocol, an application of XML, that provides an open method of syndicating and aggregating Web content.

Using RSS files, you can create a data feed that supplies headlines, links, and article summaries from your Web site.

Users can have constantly updated content from web sites delivered to a partner website or via a news aggregator, a piece of software specifically tailored to receive these types of feeds.

  How will make content available? has created a series of files on the website that make available member news, projects and ccd organisation listings available in a standard format.

This content can be tailored to suit the needs of the partner site. For example, the number of items displayed, a particular state, national or international or a complete listing. The design (colours, fonts, etc) can be integrated with the look and feel of your site will be making this content available in 2 formats - RSS (xml) and HTML/Javascript.

The xml format is for websites that can read RDF files, and may need programming expertise.

The HTML/Javascript option can be cut and pasted into any web page. Anyone with a working knowledge of HTML will be able to do this.

Whatever format is selected, the end result is the same.

  Who is sharing content? is currently testing shared content.

Organisations/sites to be displaying content are:

  1. Community Arts Network of South Australia
  2. Community Cultural Development NSW

  How to display content on your site

Interested in displaying content on your site?

You will first need to be listed as an organisation on the site. Go to submit your details if you are not already listed.

Go to the DIY shared news page for technical instructions on how to add information to your site.

Contact if you have further queries.

  RSS examples

Example feeds of news and other content.

Note these are still being tested.

1. news, projects and organisations for SA & NSW on CAN Website:
CAN examples >>

2. external content displayed on (ie the other way around):
Arts Hub vacancies, EdNA Online >>

ArtSAAustralia Council


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CAN SA Inc is assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and by the South Australian Government through Arts SA.

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