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Camden Head Residency

  Camden Head Residency Program

Primarily, this residency program affords an artist or
artsworker the opportunity to take time out of project-based work
and focus on professional development, reflection or individual
arts practice.

Residency objectives and selection

The aim of the residency is to:

    • Provide experienced ccd artists with an opportunity for

    reflection and to enrich his/her own arts practice

    • Provide the Hastings region with an opportunity to

    interact with an experienced  community cultural
    development artist to promote and extend existing ccd
    practice in the Hastings Local Government Area and mid
    north coast of NSW.

Applicants to the residency program are not required to develop
projects with the local community. However, given the strong
interest in ccd across the region, the successful applicant will
be asked to make themselves available for a proportion of the
residency to interested artists and community members to explore
themes, issues and practicalities of ccd practice. This may be a
workshop, a master class, meet the artist talks or a series of
presentations, depending on the applicant's skills, expertise and

About the Camden Head Pilot Station

The Camden Head Pilot Station is situated near Laurieton on
the mid north coast of NSW. Auspiced by Camden Haven Community
College Inc, the Pilot Station is a centre for community cultural
development and environmental education. The Pilot Station
overlooks the entrance to the Camden Haven inlet and Pilot Beach,
adjacent to Kattang Nature Reserve, renowned for its spectacular
coastal views, whale watching and wildflowers.

Through interlinked residencies, community events and educational
programs, the facility will provide both a retreat for artists
and an opportunity for the community to experience and work with
artists in a diversity of artforms. The facility will also foster
a spirit of collaboration between artists and the community
crossing artform practices. Visit the Pilot Station website href=''>>

The Hastings LGA (local government area) is one of the
fastest growing regions in NSW. The current population of 70,000
is expected to reach around 120,000 by 2021. The area's natural
environment ranges from unspoilt beaches, wetlands, major rivers
and lakes biologically diverse coastal region to the area's
rugged mountains, rainforests of Werrikimbe National Park, and
the spectacular cliffs and waterfalls of the Comboyne Plateau./>

The Hastings has a lively visual arts and music scene of choirs,
bands, galleries, craft and heritage societies and Indigenous
organisations including Birpai and Bunyah Aboriginal Land
Councils and Bindi Cultural Centre.

The Hastings hosts a variety of flagship festivals and
eisteddfods including AquaSculpture, Confluence, FreshArt, Battle
of the Bands, Festival of the Sun, Camden Haven Music Festival,
Watermark Literary Festival and Kendall National Violin
Competition. Hastings Council's Regional Art Gallery, Heritage
and Cultural programs, Camden Haven and Wauchope arts councils
provide opportunities for the artist to engage with other artists
and their communities.

For more information about the area visit the Hastings website href=''>

Applications are sought for the 2006 and 2007 Camden
Head Pilot Station Residency Program from community cultural
development (ccd) artists across the country. The period of each
residency is between September/October 2006 and August/September
2007, each spanning six to eight weeks.

In light of changes recently announced to the Australia Council's
structure, applications submitted to this grant category will not
be assessed by members of the Community Cultural Development
Board. Applications will be assessed by arts peers with relevant
arts practice expertise, using the selection criteria as
published for that category. Please see
or talk with staff for more

Go to the href=''>Australia
Council for the Arts
Website for more
details and information.

  2005 Residency - Steve Mayhew

2005 Residency
Steve Mayhew has worked extensively in the arts over the past fourteen years.  In that time he has worked widely across the spectrum of the arts in management and creating new theatre based works as a director, writer, designer, composer, dramaturg, and creative producer. In all circumstances Steve has worked with many professional artists, community members and young people to devise these original works (theatrical or installation based) which attempt to tell stories with unusual and unconventional structures and methods.

 He has developed, directed and dramaturged over 20 works for some of South Australia's most recognised independent, community and youth orientated arts companies, such as Urban Myth Theatre of Youth, Riverland Youth Theatre, Tutti Ensemble and Junction Theatre.  Since 1997 his theatre works have increasingly incorporated the use of video, and sound to support and carry narrative and plot lines.  Most recently he co-created the hybrid art form presentation of “Super Dimension Fortress One” devised from a series of ongoing email-based dialogues with theatre artist Sam Haren for the 2004 Feast Festival.  In 2003 he was commissioned to recreate the history of the small Southern Flinders Ranges township of Melrose for their 150 Celebration, utilising 100 members of the community including trucks, sheep, horses, dogs, a various pieces of farm machinery, with not a word spoken. In 2003 he explored the use of sound in alarm clocks as a preliminary point to tell stories in his Come Out project “7.15 took shower, 7.35 ate breakfast”.

 In 2005 Steve has covered broad territory producing four shows for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, developed a three screen installation with The Second Story health service as a part of the Young Mermaids Guide to Planet Earth's; Agender Project, began development on a show for the Riverland Youth Theatre around the concept of divorce, and has begun as the Program Coordinator for the Adelaide Fringe 2006.

 As an Arts Manager / Coordinator Steve has worked as the Coordinator of 2000 Off The Couch for Carclew, Tasmanian Regional Arts (2001), Comeout (2001), Riverland Youth Theatre (1996 - 98), Junction Theatre (1998 - 2000).  As the Company Manager of Brink Productions (2001 – 2004) he co-produced most of their shows in that period.  Steve was also the Venue Manager for the 2004/05 Moonlight Cinema (Adelaide).

Steve's Camden Head Residency is based on working with (but not restricted to) young people aged 16-26 who have an interest in the following areas


That is to say any one who has the following...

a sound editing or video editing program on their computer.
a musical ability.
a still digital or mini dv camera or perhaps even an old VHS video camera.
a solid knowledge of the internal machinations of electrical equipment (eg: old video recorders, turntables, cassette players and radio).

He is interested in uncovering the “bedroom producers” (people who work or play with this sort of technology in the comfort of their own homes) and trades people whose work lies mainly is in these areas from the local region to help him develop sound and video installations with old and new media that have moving and working parts with multifaceted sound and video aspects.
He is welcoming donations of old and unused video players and recorders, turntables, cassette players and radios from the community so they can be turned into these works.

The three projects he is thinking of pursuing whilst in the residency are the following...

The Compilation Tape Project

A sound installation consisting of collected compilation audiotapes, old magnetic tape players, headphones and wooden boxes.

Old Technology Workshop

Collect,Buy and Borrow old pieces of audio and visual technology, old cassette recorders, Turntables, Wirelesses, Radios, Clock Radios, Super 8 cameras and projectors, VHS camera and players.  These will be taken apart adapted and turned into working objects and combined with new technology to make sound and visual installations based on environmental themes with participants.

And you may ask yourself…how did I get here?

A series of videoed interviews between Target Group participants.
Main topic; what is keeping you here?
Possibly have TV's talking to each other?
To be projected and screened on TV's in a public space.

However he knows that once he gets there things will change, develop and take their own life, and the people who he meets will shape these ideas into something more special than what he has imagined thus far.

I also have set up a blog spot for the purposes of tracking my own process and thoughts during the residency and it can be viewed on

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