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Publishing Guidelines

Aboriginal City Life Photographic Project

Community cultural development projects demonstrate the depth & vitality of ccd in action – your entries are an opportunity to showcase your work, network with other artworkers or ccd practitioners or discuss the challenges and successes in a project-specific forum!

The following are some guidelines & information to make the self-publishing form easier to use and ensure ccd project entries are relevant and informative for others.

1. You will need to be registered as a member to publish the details of your project to

2. Other members (not casual site visitors) will be able to contact you via email (or the nominated contact person) for more information about your project.

3. Keep your project title and brief description as brief yet informative as possible to attract visitors and members to read your entry.

4. Your project can be indexed by location, arts practice, nature of communities or issues addressed in the project. These selections use drop-down menus, radio buttons and text fields to enter keywords you specify yourself. Note that these are primary categories which projects may fit within, recognising that ccd work may address a multitude of art forms, community participation processes or issues addressed.

You can choose up to 3 categories of arts practice or communities. For example, your project art forms could include theatre and electronic media from the lists provided, plus circus which you enter yourself. The major community groups who participated were multicultural and indigenous people. Key issues or themes addressed as part of the project included reconciliation, diversity, tolerance and immigration. These issues are entered in the text field provided separated by commas.

Therefore, visitors can find your project by a multi-layered search functions.

5. To credit artists / artworkers involved in your project, enter their names separated by commas in the text field provided.

6. You may choose to include an image to accompany the longer description of the project. Images should be prepared in web-friendly format of .gif or .jpg (test that you can view them in a web browser) with a maximum width of 400 pixels and a maximum file size of 100k.

To add an image, click the button marked yes, browse and select the image file on your local drive.

– ensure you also click inside the text field which says ‘Type the Filename', then click the button upload file.

Then add a text caption to your image.
Multiple images cannot be included but you can prepare a collage of images into one image as the example below. The example is 400 pixels wide.

7. Do you want to provide more detail about the project? – if so then add a web link address or two which visitors can follow from you project entry.

8. You set the year the project started - eg pre-2000, 2002 etc.

9. You may set the status of the project as current, completed or archive. Note that past projects may be entered, particularly if the project was instructive in some way.

10. Want to live dangerously? – enter your project as a discussion forum for site members to ask questions, comment or share similar experiences and solutions.

Over time, projects that generate significant amounts of discussion will be selected as showcase projects. Note that these may not always be the most successful projects but also those which had problems, if responses to problems are helpful in the future.

10. Syndicate your project? You can distribute your ccd project listing more widely by checking this box. See shared news page for details.

12. Check out the legal stuff (member terms & conditions) on the site.

It basically says you own your own words & that minders will only intervene if something is posted that is really inappropriate.

Achieved all that? – congratulations & thanks for your entry - your project will go live within 5 working days.

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  Images in your project

You can't submit multiple images, but you can create a collage using an image editing program like Photoshop.

Just make sure your finished image is a maximum of 400 pixels wide and not more than 50k in size.

Splash! - Waterworks, communities and waterways image

Splash! - waterworks, communities and waterways

  Offline project publishing form

To make project publishing easier, below is a downloadable form which can help offline preparation of project details which can be cut and pasted into the site submission form.

The form is available in Word and PDF formats.

Get Acrobat Reader FREEPDF document   ccd.net_publish_project.pdf   126 Kb Acrobat PDF

Interactive Multimedia document   ccd.net_publish_project.doc   49 Kb

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