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Artwork Magazine

artwork magazine - the national journal for CCD

  Latest Edition!! Artwork 64 - june 2006

From 2000 To Today... (extract from editorial)
The beginning of the century or the end of community cultural development (ccd) in Australia. We really do know that CCD won't just end. Communities are strong, Culture is what we do and Development is inevitable. And the practice existed before it was named (some say by Ozco and others say by a couple of practitions over a beer) and will continue whether it is called...ccd, community arts, community partnerships, creative partnerships, creative communities, community arts and culture, arts for development, arts and society, artists for a plural mention just a few being used around the world.
It may, however, never exist again in the form that it edition of Artwork marks the moment - the first years of the new millennium - with a celebration of the practice. We cannot cover all that has occurred but we can give a snap shot from each state and territory. A journal we can look back on in 10 years' time and ponder that moment when...

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  What is Artwork Magazine?

Artwork is the National Critical Journal on community cultural development and community arts in Australia. Produced three times per year, Artwork is distributed by subscription, and also as part of the membership of the leading agencies in other states. It is produced by the National CCD Network as a collaboration between CANSA, QCAN, CANWA and CCDNSW. Each issue is themed, and provides articles which profile and critically examine our practice from theoretical, practical and methodological perspectives. Recent themes have focussed on Local government and Cultural Planning, International perspectives of CCD and Arts Health and Wellbeing.

Online Forums have been established on to give the opportunity for Artwork readers to take issue with or support perspectives reflected in each edition. Go to Online Forums

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Artwork Magazine is available from Community Arts Network SA, CCD NSW or Queensland Community Arts Network

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Back issues are available from CANSA for $10 per edition (inc GST)

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  Link to the Artwork Magazine Index

A complete index including images of the front covers of Artwork Magazine offers a guide to the previous editions of the national journal for Community Cultural Development in Australia.

This section provides a list of titles and from 1995 onwards the authors name and a short description of the article.

Issues which are out of print will soon be available as a free resource on in PDF format. Stay tuned.

To purchase previous editions of Artwork magazine contact Community Arts Network SA In on (08) 8231 0900 or email

to subscribe see download the PDF above or contact CAN SA, CCDNSW, QCAN or CANWA.

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What is Artwork Magazine?

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