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  Australia Council Publications

Hands On! (2002)
A Guide to the grants programs of the Community Cultural Development Board. Each program is illustrated with examples to give insight into some of the activities and outcomes generated from ccd work.

Copyright and Community Arts
A guide to establishing the ownership of creative works produced by artists and communities.

The Great Yarn Event (1998)
Arts stories from Regional Australia.

Cultivating our Culture - this booklet provides examples of activities supported by the Australia Council.

Youth & The Arts Framework (1999)
The Australia Council framework to support the Youth policy.

Arts for a Multicultural Australia (2000)
This booklet provides information on the objectives of the Council's Policy on Australian Arts and Cultural Diversity.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Arts Policy (1998)
This booklet provides information on the objectives of the Council's Policy on indigenous art.

Disability Factpack
by Noelene Gration.
For arts and cultural organisations. Commissioned by DADAA (Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts, Australia) and the Australia Council. Produced by Arts Access and presented in partnership with state and territory arts agencies. The booklet is intended to provide general information to arts organisations and service providers about their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1993.

Access All Areas (1999)
This booklet is about offering increased access to the arts. It seeks to show that exploring the fullest meaning of access makes good marketing sense. It is a practical, clear guide to improving your organisation and opening your doors to the whole of the community

Cultures (2002)
A series of four books regarding protocols for producing Indigenous Australian arts. Titles include New Media, Performing, Visual and Song.
Available from Australia Council.

Australia Council Cultures cover


Artwork is the National Critical Journal on community cultural development and community arts in Australia. Produced three times per year, Artwork is distributed by subscription, and also as part of the membership of the leading agencies in other states. It is produced by the National CCD Network as a collaboration between CANSA, QCAN, CANWA and CCDNSW. Each issue is themed, and provides articles which profile and critically examine our practice from theoretical, practical and methodological perspectives. Recent themes have focussed on Local government and Cultural Planning, International perspectives of CCD and Arts Health and Wellbeing.

Online Forums have been established on to give the opportunity for Artwork readers to take issue with or support perspectives reflected in each edition. Go to Online Forums

Back issues from 39 to 57 are available from Community Arts Network SA Inc.
Tel: (08) 8231 0900

Artwork Magazine - the national Journal for Community Cultural development

Artwork Magazine - the national Journal for CCD

Also see:
Latest Edition!! Artwork 64 - june 2006

  Books - ccd texts

Public Art Public Housing, written by Graham Pitts
The newly released Public Art Public Housing, written by Graham Pitts, is a celebration of the collaborative work of residents, artists and organisations on public housing estates across Victoria.

Public Art Public Housing was produced through a partnership between the Arts and Culture Program of North Richmond Community Health Centre (NRCHC) together with the Cultural Development Network of Victoria, and Neighbourhood Renewal, Department of Human Services. The project was assisted by Vic Health and the Department of Human Services, as well as the Australian Government through the Australia Council's Community Cultural Development Board.

Free copies of Public Art Public Housing can be ordered from John Paxinos & Associates between 13 December 2004 and 1 March 2005.
Contact Desiree Jacobson-

For orders after March please contact Rosalie Hastwell at NRCHC-

Art and Wellbeing
Author: Deborah Mills and Paul Brown
Art and Wellbeing assembles ideas and case study material which demonstrate connections between community cultural development and government 'wellbeing' initiatives.

For more info see the Australia Council Website

Connecting Art, Life and People - Community Cultural Development in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Welcome to a rich portfolio of ideas, artists and
community cultural development collaborations, which have their roots in the diverse stories of communities in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

The focus of Artwork2 has been to promote discussion and ideas around artists working in the public sphere, working with people in an interactive way to create art and to contribute to the cultural development of the people they work with. We hope you will be inspired by this work; motivated to initiate new community cultural development projects in your own communities and informed by the principles and practical guide-lines we have distilled from our years of experience in the field.

Click here Click here to link to Connecting Art, Life and People

Engaging Art
Author: Thiele, M. & Marsden, S. (2003).
Engaging Art - The Artful Dodgers Studio a theoretical model of practice. A FREE download of ENGAGING ART is now available from the Jesuit Social Services website. Click Here

Creating Social Capital
A study of the long term benefits from Community Based Arts Funding by Deidre Williams.
Available from Community Arts Network SA Inc.
Tel: (08) 8231 0900

Fourth Pillar of Sustainability
Explores the many different ways that culture affects and relate to patterns of human activities and policy realms. ISBN 1 86335 050

Available from the Cultural Development Network

From Nimbin to Mardi Gras
by Gay Hawkins.
Hawkins combines an analysis of the shifting policy and aesthetic discourses of community arts with a critical evaluation of the program's achievments and limitations.
Available from Community Arts Network SA Inc.
Tel: (08) 8231 0900

Nimbin to Mardi Gras cover

  Audio Visual / Kits

Symposium – They Shoot Ferals Don't They
Edited by Bill Kyle, Margriet Bonnin, Sue Benner
Transcripts of discussion and debate by 30 key ccd practitioners brought together for a day-long symposium about current issues and directions in the ccd sector.

Available on CD-Rom through Feral Arts or via the internet at:
Tel: (07) 3221 6557

Sorry Day Kit
Kit contains a booklet/discussion starter, comments book and video. Available from Port Youth Theatre Workshop.
Tel: (08) 8241 1150

Public Art Practical Guidelines:
Public Art and the Artist
Public Arts and the State
Public Art and the Private Sector
Public Art and Local Government

by Pip Sawyer, Malcolm Macgregor and Robyn Taylor.
Reference manual on the growing field of public arts produced by Arts WA. The manual provides advice and guidance on the initiation, development and implementation of public art commissions for four broad groups. Available from The Artists Foundation of WA.
Tel: (08) 9335 8366
Fax: (08) 9335 3886

Other Resources from the Field

The following to be organised into categories

Risking Art (2000)
National publication that outlines the role of the Arts and highlights the benefits of arts practice in the delivery of welfare services to young marginalised people. Available from Jesuit Social Services – Connexions.
Tel: (03) 9427 7388

QCAN Occupational Health Welfare and Safety Paper (see QCAN).

The Community Music Handbook
by Anne Cahill.
A practical guide to developing music projects and organisations. Currency Press/Music Council of Australia.
Available from The Music Council of Australia.
PO Box 1432 Neutral Bay, NSW 2089.

Outside Broadcasting – A Festivals Handbook
Guide to community radio station details on all issues facing community radio.
Available from Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.
PO Box 564 Alexandria, NSW 1435.
Tel: (02) 9310 2999
Fax: (02) 9310 4545

Arts Radio
Practical handbook for arts participation in community radio.
Available from Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.
PO Box 564 Alexandria, NSW 1435.
Tel: (02) 9310 2999
Fax: (02) 9310 4545

Dancers and Communities
edited by Helen Poynor & Jacqueline Simmonds
A collection of writings about dance as a community art.
Available from Australian Dance Council Ausdance (NSW).
Pier 4, The Wharf, Hickson Road
Walsh Bay NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9241 4022
Fax: (02) 9241 1331

Out of the Ordinary
by Annie Bolitho and Mary Hutchinson
Inventive ways of bringing communities, their stories and audiences to light.
Available from Canberra Stories Group.
Littlewood, Murrumbateman NSW 2582

Artist Residencies for Health Care
by Neal Price
A guide for health care institutions developing and implementing residency programs.
Available from QLD Artworkers Alliance.
497 Adelaide Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
Tel: (07) 3832 2230
Fax: (07) 3832 2231

A Cultural Planning Guide for Local Government
Outlines a step by step approach to cultural planning from consulting with the community and creating a cultural map to developing a cultural policy and plan.
Available from Community Arts Network WA Inc.
PO Box 7514
Cloisters Square WA 6850
Tel: (08) 9226 2422
Fax: (08) 9226 2230

Community Cultural Development Training Directory
compiled by Celia Moon.
Comprehensive listings of courses and workshops specifically about community cultural development, cultural diversity and youth work.
Available from Create Australia and searchable online. Create Australia ­ national ITAB for the arts:
Tel: (02) 3211 5342
Fax: (02) 9211 5346

Shaping Culture: Arts and Entertainment Management
edited by Ruth Rentschler.
A selection of essays, by various authors, used for Deakin University distance students. The papers look at issues of culture and cultural development. A useful text for both students and practitioners of arts and arts management.
Available from Deakin University Bookstores.

The Art of Strategic Planning: Visions and Strategies for Cultural Organisation
by Dr. Peter Steidl
A do-it-yourself manual for arts organisations looking at developing long term strategies.
Available from Dr. Peter Steidl, Elephant Consultants.
Tel: (03) 9690 7371
Fax: (03) 9690 8200

Licensing Content for Multimedia
Available through Copyright Council.
Tel: (02) 9699 3247
Fax: (02) 9698 3536

A Users Guide to Copyright (revised May 1998)
Available through Copyright Council.
Tel: (02) 9699 3247
Fax: (02) 9698 3536

High Beam Festival
Art, Self Expression and Identity - conference papers on a two day seminar confirming the creative energies of people with disability.
Available from Arts in Action.
Tel: (08) 8224 0799

by Catherine Murphy, Italo Vardaro Photographer
An exploration of water through public art by five regional communities. Documentation of Country Arts South Australia's waterworks project.
Available from Country Arts SA.
Tel: (08) 8477 8910
Fax: (08) 8477 8396

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